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About Us


Makeda's Tutorial Service was established 
May 21, 2011, due to a need for Superior Educational Service in an award winning child friendly environment. Ms. Angela Broxton (Bishop) has nearly two decades of Child Educational experience and has received awards, as well as, other accolades for outstanding and committed service.

Ms. Angela Broxton's curriculum will consist of a proven award winning educational program created by Dr. C.J. Forrest. This curriculum supersedes any program which exist today.

Superior Tutorial Service 
K through 9th Grade

About The Tutor


From a child, Ms. Angela Broxton has enjoyed learning and sharing her experiences with others such as, family members, friends, church members and associates concerning their learning progress and Fortitude in Personal Development.

Ms. Angela's parents were and are big supporters in her love for assisting and educating children from around the communities, church families and in Special Educational classes in hospitals.  It is an indication of her undying desire to see that all children who have and are associated with her courses are on their way to success for the next stage of their development.



We provide tutorial services for all subjects, including Math, English, Science and general education. 

We Offer:
       At Your Home Tutorial Service
       Tutorial Service at Our Facility
       Quality Affordable Service

       Sliding Scale Payment Schedule


1 Kings Chapter 10:



Ms. Angela Broxton, Tutor